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Changing shop's layout and look.

If you already own a shop and want to change it's layout and look go to:

Log in using the username and password you used while setting up the shop for the first time.

Select "Edit settings".

You will be presented with the same layout editor that you used during the setup. Complete all the steps and do not forget to save!

Adding, removing and changing products.

If you already own a shop, the go to following URL and log in.

Select "Manage products"

You will be presented with the same product management that you used during the setup.

Setting up PayPal

First you need a PayPal Express account. For that click on the following link and complete the account setup process.

To enable to send payments to PayPal, you need to find PayPal API credentials. Follow these steps:

Now that you have found the PayPal API credentials, find "Shopping cart layout" in your layout editor. Make sure you have the right component added to your layout. If not, then click or drag the "PayPal payment buttons" component.

Find the component and click settings.

Insert PayPal credentials. Do not forget to save!

Setting up Facebook store

You can add your store to your Facebook page. You can also use separate layout for your Facebook store. If you do not own a Facebook page then create one here.

Create a store as usual or use your existing store and log in to admin panel.

Select "Set up Facebook store".

Change the layout as usual. After saving click the "Add shop to Facebook page" button.

Facebook will prompt for confirmation and let you choose Facebook page.

Be sure to test your Facebook store after the setup is completed!

Setting up custom domain

You can set up custom domain for your shop. Instead of you can have as your shop's address.

First you need to own a domain. Please use domain hosting provider like GoDaddy, to register a domain.

Option 1: If you are registering new shop, fill the "Custom domain" field in the last step.

Option 2: If you have already set up your shop, but did not fill the "Custom domain" field, then you need to send a request using the Support form on the left. .

Once you have done this you need to forward your domain to For this you have to configure your domain hosting provider service (GoDaddy etc). Please refer to the domain hosting provider's manual for details. You should look for "domain forwarding" or creating CNAME record.

Use MxToobox to diagnose any problems. In most cases you should find a CNAME record similar to:

Type Domain Name Canonical Name TTL
CNAME 24 hrs

Once you have set up the forwarding, it may take up to few days for us to configure platform to your domain. We will let you know once everythin is working.

Viewing and fulfilling orders.

When your registered account, we also included a free account.

Please contact us using the Support form on the left. Include your shop name. We will contact you for more information and send you the required access and instructions.