Multiple storefronts

Facebook storefront - You can now embed your store in Facebook page. If you do not own a Facebook page then create one here. Create a Free-Online-Shop.com store as usual or use your existing store. Go to Admin Panel and select "Set up Facebook store". You will be able to customize the Facebook store layout. After saving you will be prompted for Facebook page.


Tax - you can now set up your local tax. This is currently supported for products that are added using Erply inventory management backend (please see Erply manual). 20% VAT is already set up for all Estonian accounts.


Custom domain

Custom domain can be used with Free-Online-Shop.com shop - See this Help & Support Center article for more information


Languages - we now support Estonian in addition to US English. To set up shop in Estonian go to this Setup wizard.

Currencies - we now support all available currencies. US English shops have default currency USD. Estonain shops have defalt currency EUR. Other currencies can be set up through Erply settings after completing the shop setup.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Free-Online-Shop.com product catalogue is search engine optmized. This is insured by canonical URLs, unique metadata, correct use of headings, rich image titles and names, sitemap etc.

Microdata - all products have now attached HTML5 microdata to be more visible and rank higher in search engines.



New account - new shop can be created by completing Setup wizard. Setup can be restarted by going to http://free-online-shop.com/restart-setup. During this setup up to 50 product can be added. To add more product customer must finish the setup and continue adding products through Erply. Erply account will be automatically created. User to log in to Erply is the same as for Free-Online-Shop.com Merchant will receive two e-mails: one for Free-Online-Shop.com account and one for Erply account.

Existng Erply account - to set up Free-Online-Shop.com for existing Erply account, please contact dev team.

Custom domain - currently not supported. The address will be http://free-online-shop.com/SHOPNAME.

Product import - can be done through Erply

Changing shop look

Layout - layout can be changed during setup or by logging in to admin panel. See this Help & Support Center article for more information

Logo - can be changed in layout editor.

Custom text blocks - can be added in layout editor.

Changing colors and fonts - currently not supported.

Payment methods

We support PayPal and Purchase Order. PayPal offers credit card support also. To change the payment methods on your site just drag the correct buttons to your shopping cart page and click Settings. See this Help & Support Center article for more information


Languages - we currently support US English.

Currencies - we currently support only USD.

Product catalogue features

Product information - we can display product name, net price, product code, one image and description. Use layout editor to select which blocks are displayed.

Product management - we currently support managing up to 50 products through Free-Online-Shop.com. Erply must be used to manage more products. See this Help & Support Center article for more information

Pricelists / discount prices - currently not supported.

Matrix products - currently not supported.

Product groups - products can be organized into groups. Multilevel grouptree is not supported.

Non-public products or product groups - to hide product or product group from Free-Online-Shop.com, uncheck the "Display in webshop" flag in Erply.

Search - not supported.

Product availability - not supported.

Checkout process

We have single page checkout. During checkout customer must enter shipping and billing information.

When customer checks out with PayPal, then invoice and payement are created in Erply. Invoice will be confirmed. Each line of invoice will be tied to a product. Shipping info will be added to the invoice.

Checkout using purchase order will create confirmed order in Erply. No invoice or payment will be created. Each line of order will be tied to a product. Shipping info will be added to the order.

Customer can print the order / invoice after the checkout is completed.

Shipping methods - currently not supported.

Tax - currently not supported.

Purchase notification email - currently not supported.

Order processing and fulfillment

Order processing and fulfillment by merchant must be done through Erply.

Erply - Free-Online-Shop.com synchronisation

Account - when new account is created in Free-Online-Shop.com, it will be instantly created in Erply.

Products and product groups - after saving product or product group changes in Free-Online-Shop.com, the changes will be instantly done in Erply too. When changing products through Erply, the sync to Free-Online-Shop.com.com may take up to 1 hour.

Orders / invoices - orders and invoices are created instantly in erply, when checkout is completed and payment made.